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Apple all iPhone versions Repair in South Delhi, Delhi and NCR

In the event that you are searching for expert repairs for your iPhone then look no further. Rayna IT Solutions works in out of guarantee repairs of iPhones.we have finish expertise.iPhone repairs are one of our most looked for after services and we take each care while repairing your iPhone so rest guaranteed you are in safe hands with us. we give particular support and markdown repair organizations to other retail apple repair shops. Like motherboard issue, broken home catch association, itune screw up 53 or water hurt telephone, basically bring your phone here and we will settle it. You pursue your iPhones to make a call and find the screen won't respond or telephone doesn't wake up. There are two minutes before that staggeringly basic meeting and your iPhone won't turn on, or potentially you dropped your iPhone. Looking for an answer. Connect with Us.

We have a courier service that can collect your Apple iPhone from you in delhi and we will deliver it back to you once it has been repaired. This is a hassle free way to deal with your Mac and will save you time and money.

Some of the Apple iPhone repair issues that we can repair are:

  • itune error 53
  • Home Buttons not working
  • Earphones, cable or adapter replacement
  • Restore or update not working as expected
  • Accidental damage
  • Camera is not working
  • Screen or LCD replacement
  • wifi issue
  • Charging issue
  • Unable to hear through receiver or speakers
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