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Playstation REPAIR

Our repair process for the Playstations includes extensive testing and in the case of major repairs such as the motherboard repair, also includes an internal system clean. We have skilled technicians with a background in electronics manufacturing who carry out work on all complex motherboard repairs using a professional rework station.
We use genuine parts and offer warranty on all our repairs.There are many different things that can malfunction on a PlayStation. Problems including discs that won’t play, yellow light issues and loss of audio are quite common and can be very frustrating. Luckily, you can often fix many of these problems yourself without sending your console back to the manufacturer, which can be a costly process.

Below are the some comman PlayStation's issues.

  • Console Turning Off
  • No Audio / Video (25%)
  • PS Freezing (20%)
  • Disc Drive Problems (10%)
  • Other Technical Issues (10%)

3 Months Warranty Covered- Call +91-9999909375

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